CRaig kotfas?

It's pronounced "KOT-fiss", and I am a lucky guy. Lucky, because I am happy. Happy because I have found a gratifying balance between my passions and a life outside them. I have spent the last 15+ years designing under tight deadlines, tighter budgets, all the while maintaining the spin of multiple plates. I have confidently dealt with detailed directions, as well as absolute freedoms. I have been a leader, and I have been a follower. I have been both a cog in a machine-like team at an agency, and an independent force at home on the couch. Over that decade in a half, I have honed my digital craftsmanship with the flickering screen, but I have also cultivated the tools in dealing with people. Communication, listening, anticipation of needs, patience and humor all come standard in this  package. My biggest asset is a positive attitude, and I am pretty positive about that.

And when the sun sets, I can log off the computer and climb onto the stage via my other passions of improv comedy (20+ years) and singer/songwriter (even longer).  On iTunes you can find two full studio albums, or while flipping through the channels on tv, you might see me as a creepy bar owner in an episode of Friday Night Lights or a random commercial.

As an improvisor, I have learned to say "Yes, and", which actively leads to being an ultimate team player. As a singer/songwriter, I have learned that inspiration can come from anywhere and everywhere. As a designer, I have learned that everything has its place, and that there are multiple solutions to almost any problem. As a Cubs fan, I have learned to manage expectations and patience. Life is lived in the now, and now is the time to create something without fear.