1. Here are several music videos I conceived and directed for original songs
2. Three commercial spots that I acted in for HYDRIVE Energy Drink
3. Three online videos I hosted for Austin Community College's WORDPRESS courses

"BETTER THAN" (Official Music Video)
This video is the second track on my second album titled Autopilot Disengaged. This video was created intermittently over a span of 10 months, after sitting on the idea for two years. Shot on an iPhone 6+, with some behind the scenes shot with a GoPro, animated in Adobe Premiere.

"SKELETON KEY" (Official Music Video)

"Break free of your routine. Let go and take control." - Skeleton Key The official video for Skeleton Key, a track off the album Autopilot Disengaged by Craig Kotfas. Working alone and with only a demo of the song, Craig shot this a few years back, in one night with a flip camera and a borrowed projector. The cardboard ACL stage was created a few nights before. The footage was then edited together by his brother Chris. The video was shelved for a couple years until the album was complete and released. The song is available for download on iTunes and most music sites.
Drums - Marty Mack
Horns - Jonathan Hoyle
Bass - Randy Chaffin
Guitar & Vocals - Craig Kotfas

"SHADOW YOU CAST" (Official Music Video)

My friend Jason Vines, an up and coming special effects/makeup artist was planing to do his 3rd annual BLOODY BALLOON BATTLE. It was his biggest yet, consisting of over 5K balloons hand-filled with a home made recipe of fake blood. This event is where the Austin Improv Community gathers together in a public park in Austin, wearing white and smiles. I called and asked if I could piggyback his event by making a music video, and he graciously agreed. I selected a song from my album "Autopilot Disengaged" and went to work. I knew I had only one take to do this, so I choose the song SHADOW YOU CAST and sped it up 200%. With help of several friends with cameras, we set up 6 or 7 angles and pushed record. I wore earbuds which played the song sped up song and played along. I slowed the footage 50% in post to sync things up. We had one take that lasted about 4:30 minutes... We were soaked to the bone with joy.

"CRASH BANG COLLIDE BOOM" (Official Music Video)

From the album "Autopilot Disengaged", this was shot in the wee hours of a May Saturday, that featured a pleasant thunderstorm. Shot on a flipcamera in one take from beyond my garage. 

"2 Hour Time Elapse ALS Ice Bucket Challenge"

I was challenged, so I decided to take the challenge slowly, much like the onslaught of ALS. I took around two hours of footage and time elapsed it to a song I recorded a while back called "Push Away" off the album Best Case Scenario. As the shadow creeps at the end, the camera died, lucky had another device on standby.

(Autopilot Disengaged CD Release Promo)

"EITHER AURA" (Official Music Video)
Shot on iPhone.



The three videos below are a campaign for HYDRIVE Energy Water where I got to act as THE UNTRAINED SPY.  These were created by the very talented gents at


Another Beef and Sage production for Doodle Jump for Xbox Kennict










I  was as asked to host these three WordPress tutorial videos, which where created by Austin Community College for their website.